The best weight loss plan begins with learning how to eat healthy


Life is a set of habits. Habits can be changed into healthy new ones. Start with a proven  healthy diet plan, get support while you learn how to eat healthy, and allow enough time for new habits to take hold. New habits start forming in 30 days. However, it takes 60 days to replace old habits with new ones. This is the why KickStarter60 is a 2 month subscription.

  • Ensure success with healthy diet food plans based on the proven science.
  • This is just what your doctor requests: weight loss that protects your heart.
  • Learn how to eat healthy by forming new eating habits in just 60 days.
  • Stay motivated with daily weight loss tips and email support from your wellness coach.

Try us FREE for 3 days. Click here to sign up for free diet plans for 3 days. KickStarter60 is your key to healthy eating habits for life, whether you just want a healthy diet plan or and effective weight loss method.

I want to kick start my weight loss and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

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